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V-GROOVE boards are milled with chamfered edges on both sides, forming a V shape when the tongue-and-groove joints come together.  Our V-Groove PANELING IS KILN DRIED AND MILLED TO A 3/4" THICKNESS.  When choosing  PINE  we stock  it in WIDTHS OF 4"-6"-8".  We have the ability to make 10" & 12" WIDe with a special order.  HARDWOOD material  IS also  AVAILABLE IN A COMMON OR CLEAR GRADE.  WIDTHS THAT ARE AVAILABLE ARE 4"-5" OR 6".  WIDER IS AVAILABLE DEPENDING ON CURRENT KILN DRIED STOCK.


Wainscoting, a type of paneling that is placed on the lower half of walls, has been used since colonial times. Despite its historical aspect, wainscoting remains a popular wall covering today. Decorative wainscoting can be installed at different heights depending on the desired look. More traditional wainscoting extends up a bit higher. Our tongue and groove paneling is perfect for all wall wainscoting applications and porch ceilings.  It is also a double-sided board (single bead on one side and double bead on the other).  Available in pine and any of the hardwoods we offer.  Both in a common or clear grade.



Another traditional application of knotty pine lumber paneling is called Pickwick. This style has two beads with a shallow hollow between them. The boards are tongue and groove that lock together for a solid, flat fit. You can install Pickwick paneling with boards of equal width or random widths for a unique effect. Pickwick was the most popular form of home paneling in the 1940s and 1950s.


Shiplap is commonly used as an exterior siding options for homes and barns. Lately this product has become very trendy for interior paneling and accent walls in homes. A great option to add a unique touch to your home at a reasonable cost. 

Shiplap White Oak Flooring.jpeg
Orange Pierre & Hankle Lumber Lettering.

Minimum Orders

There are no minimum orders for any of our products. However, we do have set-up charges for any profiles run under 200 lineal feet which may increase the cost per lineal foot and will affect your budget.

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