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Since 1954 members of the Hankle family have been logging timber in the extensive forests in Northeastern New York. Today, Hankle Lumber, Inc., expertly manufactures these logs into premium wood products. Still family owned and operated, Hankle Lumber, Inc. specializes in producing native lumber, both hardwood and softwood. 

Species include: Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Cherry, Birch, Hickory, Ash, Black Walnut, Poplar, Eastern White Pine, and Hemlock. 

We manufacture lumber, on site, from logs which are milled into rough cut framing materials, industrial and construction timber, posts and beams, and top quality boards for furniture manufacturing. We plane, on site, kiln dried stock to produce hardwood flooring, tongue and grooved paneling, wide pine plank flooring, wainscoting, and exterior siding. 

Local farmers, horse breeders, gardeners, and landscapers purchase by-products including naturally organic landscape and garden mulch as well sawdust. Our diverse customers include major industrial companies, the State of New York, county and local governments, agribusiness, heavy and highway contractors, general building contractors, home builders (including post and beam construction), home improvement contractors, historic sites remodelers, and today's trend to do-it-yourself. 

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